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Gap years are a hot topic. Parents are often frightened at the thought. Is it time wasting? Will they spend it gaming? What are they going to do when I am at work and they are home? How will they earn money to get by? Will they be left behind?

For many, a gap year used wisely can have significant career benefits if planned with intention as part of a broader career plan not simply as a ‘year off’.

A gap year is not in fact a year but a gap of eighteen months when you consider that school finishes in October and university starts in March. There is a lot you can pack into that time, including but not just having some time out! We assist clients in developing a strategic flexible career plan so they can shift their focus to career exploration and self discovery so that when they are ready to make some big career decisions they know why and they are feeling motivated, confident and informed.

The Foundation of Young Australians, The New Work Reality report identifies four key factors that enable and support the transition from full time education to full time work. They are;

  • Developing Enterprising skills (commonly referred to as transferable skills)
  • Having relevant paid employment
  • Identifying an area of growth - having a future focus.
  • Having an optimistic mindset.

We use this knowledge (and some very cool infographics) to educate and inspire our clients to think big, be strategic, and own their transition into the world of work.

One valuable outcome from the process (but not often talked about) is the shift in the relationship between a parent and child . At a critical time in the young adults life we see parents relax at the idea of them developing a strategic career plan, they settle in and collaborate with their child supporting them with their career related decisions.

ADAPT Careers aim to empower our clients and assist them in creating personal agency toward their career goals. With the right plan, mindset, parental support, travel, study and work experience need not be mutually exclusive.

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