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As career counsellors we support young adults (15 - 30yrs) in the early stages of their careers, helping them to effectively engage in the transition from education to the world of work. Using progressive career development tools combined with traditional counselling techniques we inspire greater self-awareness, informed decision making, motivation and purpose.

All Career practitioners at ADAPT Careers have formal accreditations and postgraduate qualifications in career counselling. We are registered with the Career Development Associate of Australia (CDAA) and The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA). We are committed to continual professional development and collaborate together to bring our clients the best possible career advice.

Career counsellors at ADAPT Careers are committed to our values of Connection, Hope, Bravery, Growth and Harmony.

Using progressive career development tools combined with traditional counselling techniques, we CONNECT with our clients in a distraction-free, safe and personable environment. We CONNECT clients with the information they need to make informed decisions. We HOPE to inspire greater self-awareness, informed decision-making, motivation and purpose. We instil HOPE in our clients so that they expect the best of themselves in the future and work towards achieving their goals. We encourage and support our clients to be BRAVE and AMBITIOUS in the pursuit of creating career opportunities for their future selves. We provide resources and structure that create HARMONY and BALANCE for our coaching clients. We create peace of mind that comes from self-awareness and promotes perspective. We strive for GROWTH and PROGRESSIVE development for us and our clients.

We help our clients lay the foundations for productive and purposeful careers.

We love what we do.

Call us to learn more Annie 0411 671 208 and Janelle 0408 150 974

Careers Case Studies

The Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice

The question of ‘what are you going to do after year 12?’ can lead high achievers feeling overwhelmed. We introduce them to the concept of the paradox of choice.

Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the Middle

Your average B or C grade student who is unsure of what they want to do, often finds the thought of leaving school overwhelming. Commonly they will withdraw from the career conversation altogether or...

Vocational Aspirations

Vocational Aspirations

When a young adult is looking at a path of study that leads to a specific vocational outcome, at first it may seem like a relief for both parents and the student. Study that leads to a tangible,...

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