Progressive career development tools combined with narrative practices ADAPT Careers help clients make informed decisions about their future. Some of our testimonials are listed below.

Thank you for caring

Thank you so so much for all you have done to help, support and guide. We are so appreciative. And I don’t think we’d be sitting in this same spot without you.
Annie, your help has been so incredibly valuable and thank you for caring.

Parent Yr12 VCE Student 2023

Leave the session feeling productive

I was unsure and skeptical and lost on possible career paths before my first meeting with Annie, not knowing the Value of the sessions. After meeting with her, I was put at ease with her really understanding, trustworthy and down-to-earth personality. Her expertise and experience are shown off by her vast knowledge in her area. She explores every outcome and point of interest thoroughly so you leave the session feeling productive. When exploring career paths, especially for young adults, ADAPT CAREERS and Annie Storey is the place to go, and no, I haven’t been paid to say this!

Tertiary Student 2023

Stellar Company

I came across this stellar company after receiving very poor and generic career advice from my children’s school.

ADAPT Careers have been instrumental in assisting all three of my children, each with different abilities and interests, in selecting school subjects, tertiary courses and campuses best suited to them.

ADAPT placed great importance on gaining an in-depth understanding of each child’s strengths, weaknesses and study goals.

The depth of knowledge that Annie has of current and new tertiary courses, and of campus intel really aided the kids in achieving a stress free subject and preference selection.

I have referred ADAPT Careers to several friends and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone needing help with what can often be a stressful and confusing decision.

Parent Year 12 Student, 2022

A worthwhile investment - 100% recommend

Our family can 100% recommend the services and insights provided by Annie and the ADAPT team.

Over the last few years from initial consultation to submitting university preferences in recent weeks, Annie using her extensive knowledge has helped guide and support our daughter through the multiple options available to her.

Her approach to truly get to know what makes an individual, their passions, interests and uncertainties is highly commendable. All course and entry information is current and her wide university networks and connections shines through in the discussions.

Certainly a worthwhile investment for our family, with our Year 9 son to definitely utilising the services provided in the coming years.

Thanks again, Annie and team!

Parent Parent, Yr 12 student 2022

Excited for what my future holds

I had a wonderful experience with ADAPT Careers! Janelle came to the session extremely researched and prepared to discuss everything I was looking to explore. The session was very comprehensive and left me feeling both validated that I was on the right track and excited for what my future holds. I would highly recommend ADAPT careers if you’re looking for some career guidance and support!

Tertiary Student Tertiary Student, 2022

I am now exploring and I feel a lot more confident and comfortable...

I was really struggling with some direction career-wise since I finished school. One session with Janelle gave me a lot of insight into the many options that I can explore for my future. Janelle had some great resources that assisted me with pathways that I am now exploring and I feel a lot more confident and comfortable approaching them. She was a great help and I highly recommend going to her for career guidance.

Jack Tertiary, 2022

Someone switched on the light...

The session was so valuable we both feel like someone switched on the light in a dark cluttered room. You have totally enlightened us both on how to progress.

Alex feels like an impending and weighty load has been taken off him, and so do I!

Parent Yr 12, 2022

Excited about what the future holds

Like many 2020 first year University students, my daughter has struggled with the online environment and lack of academic and social connections. She knew she needed advice and support from career perspective but for a long time felt that she simply had to 'stick it out'.
Annie has provided tools to look beyond the ATAR and study choices made in year 12 and given the confidence to make changes. And that change is ok! Learning how to maximise tools such as Morrisby, the strengths profile, resume builder etc all invaluable.
It was reassuring as a parent to see our daughter's confidence grow over the sessions and she is excited about what her future holds.

Parent Tertiary, 2021

Opened his eyes to the many options and possibilities available

Our experience with Janelle was amazing. We had a session with my son who was feeling confused and unsure with career direction, the course selection and where to start with next steps.

With her vast knowledge and careers experience together with her calm and kind manner Janelle connected on his level, had an open and honest discussion and really opened his eyes to the many options and possibilities available to him. Most importantly, she has given him the confidence he needed and supported him with tools to help him explore opportunities and make decisions.

I can’t thank Janelle enough and would highly recommend her for career support and guidance.

Natalie - Parent Parent, 2022

Confidence and Clarity

ADAPT careers was extremely useful in providing me with confidence and clarity in my decision making process for planning a purposeful and enriching career pathway. Our sessions provided me with in depth tertiary study advice, as well as further information regarding the many different professions my degree could progress to. Additionally through identifying and understanding my key skills and strengths, I am able to enhance and refine my resume and interview responses.

Sophia University Student, 2021

A thorough understanding of careers

Annie was so helpful not only with providing me with specific university course guidance but she gave me a much thorough understanding of careers and the tools used in the sessions will be of great use moving forward.

Student Tertiary, 2021

Highly Recommend

Excellent advice offered to my Yr 12 student for Uni course selection. Would highly recommend!

Parent Year 12, 2021

A Guiding Light

Without the guidance, support and insight provided by Annie and her team at ADAPT Careers, my daughter would have been totally lost in the world of Uni course selection, structure and enrolment. My daughter has been guided by Annie since Year 11 and has been a guiding light throughout her VCE years and introduction into University, particularly in an era where Universities are moving more and more to online administration and course delivery. I would recommend career coaching to any parent and student who are seeking guidance in this area - it is money very well spent!

Parent Year 12 Student, 2020

Helped me see things from a different perspective

My experience was very good! It helped to talk to someone that wasn't a teacher or family/friends as it helped me see things from a different perspective and explore different areas of study that I may have not considered before. I was able to understand that there were so many different pathways for me even if I didn't achieve the results I wanted and that there was no harm in going in a different and new direction

Ally Year 12 Student, 2020

Made the process easy and interesting

Annie really helped my son navigate which courses would suit him and has kept in touch along the way - she made the process easy and interesting for us and she offered a lot of links to useful courses/information that we hadn’t received from school - we look forward to keeping in touch with Annie during my son’s first year at university and beyond

Parent Year 12 Student, 2020

Excellent at communicating with teens

Annie is an expert at linking a students values and skills to courses and possible career paths using a proven framework . Annie is also excellent at communicating with teens. I have already highly recommended Adapt to a few families and would happily be a reference for Adapt at any time.

Parent Year 10 and 1st Year Tertiary Student

Gave me confidence in myself that I had lost during my first year out of school

Excellent experience. Great tools were used and I learnt things about myself I didn't know. I felt like it was not only beneficial in narrowing down University options but also gave me confidence in myself that I had lost during my first year out of school (combined with Covid). It was a little overwhelming at times but gave me much needed clarity. There are still quite a few things I'm unsure about but I think it now comes down to my research - which I struggle to encourage myself to do but am slowly working on (I tend to run away from the issue rather than face it so I avoid at all costs!! ) I really appreciated Annie's support and encouragement throughout our sessions :))

Caeli Tertiary Student, 2021

Helping to make a big decision

I was really impressed with Annie's knowledge and ability to really listen and help in my decision to change career. I got so much out of the session and ready to enrol in my chosen university course! Would highly recommend this service for helping to make a big decision.

Melanie 27 Yrs - returning to study, 2021

My academic career now has a clear and purposeful direction.

Before my first interaction with ADAPT Careers, I had minimal knowledge of tertiary education structure and the world of work. After only one meeting, I learnt more about these areas than I had in numerous meetings with school-based careers counsellors. My academic career now has a clear and purposeful direction. I couldn’t recommended ADAPT Careers’ services highly enough to anyone looking for any level of assistance with their career path.

Hopper Year 12 Student, 2020

Great analysis & explanation of Morrisby assessment

Great analysis & explanation of Morrisby assessment. Annie discussed results with Max giving him insight into his strengths and what that could lead to career wise.
The discussion gave Max and me as his parent confidence about his decision to pursue architecture and pathways should he need them.
Annie is very personable and engaging despite having met her for the first time on Zoom. I would be interested for Max to meet with her again in a year or so.

Parent Year 12 Student, 2020

We found Annies expert advice invaluable

Annie was fantastic during every stage we went through. Millie had absolutely no idea what direction to take and Annie expertly guided Millie to make sound choices she is very happy with. Annie was available at any time to answer questions and nothing was too much trouble. We found Annies expert advice invaluable and the great, easy way she relates to people made the whole process an enjoyable one. We can not thank Annie enough for all the time and effort she put into Millie and her post school path.

Parent Year 12 Student, 2020

Your dedication is appreciated

Annie thank you for guiding Monte through the past 18months both with his year 12 VCE year at RMIT and now his Building and Construction coarse at RMIT.
Your dedication is so appreciated.
Thank you

Parent 1st Year Tertiary Student, 2020

Useful and Reassuring

Annie was fabulous in connecting with Castan and guiding him in how best to navigate the university choices and best strategies. He found it very useful and reassuring.

Parent Year 12 Student, 2020

A Clear Understanding

ADAPT careers have given me a clear understand of the tertiary pathways and how these will lead me down different career paths.

Henry Year 12 Student, 2020

Extremely helpful and very informative

My daughter, husband and I found Annie extremely helpful, very informative and we got a lot out of the session.

Parent Year 12 Student, 2020

Find the right career path

My experience was extremely helpful and ultimately helped me find the right career path for me

Maddie Year 12 Student, 2020

Opened My Eyes

Annie was extremely helpful and clear. She provided amazing advice and used great tools to help answer any of my questions. Rather than keeping our conversation specific she opened my eyes to a lot of opportunity and things to consider.

Grace Gap Year Student, 2022

An outstanding career practitioner

I am very proud to be working with Annie Storey through her careers practice, ADAPT Careers. I know her to be an outstanding career practitioner who brings a wealth of industry experience and a distinctive student-centred approach to her careers work. She is extremely competent, reliable and personable.

Col McCowan OAM, Director of Cromach Careers

(Registered psychologist, teacher and counsellor; award winning career practitioner and author; holder of an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for services to the Careers Industry; and over 40 years careers practice in Australia and a range of international countries.)

Col McCowan Career Development Professional, 2019

Valuable and Motivating

My experience with ADAPT Careers was incredibly valuable and motivating. Annie created an encouraging and comfortable environment for discussion by showing genuine care, interest and enthusiasm towards my interests and aspirations. This allowed us to explore and consider a wide range of career pathways suited to me and gave us the opportunity to have open conversations about any hesitations or concerns I was having. I especially enjoyed discussing the term ‘career’ and exploring my career objective in a broader sense, taking into consideration all aspects of my life such as my values and everyday interests, and then creating a career objective off this strong understanding. The personalised nature of this approach was very beneficial as it has allowed me to create a career objective which I resonate with across many aspects of my life, and as a result has given me great confidence, excitement and a sense of passion about the direction I’m heading and the opportunities available to me.

Phoebe Tertiary Student, 2021

Her knowledge of tertiary options for him has been second to none.

Annie has been so helpful with our son Campbell during his Year 11 and 12 journey. She has been thoroughly professional and has gone out of her way to make herself available for Campbell who had time restrictions given he was in boarding school. Her knowledge of tertiary options for him has been second to none.

She helped us guide Campbell throughout the VTAC process leading up to the end of Year 12 and most importantly, got us thinking about and widening his options as early as Year 11 which ended up putting us in a good position once his ATAR was released. Her kind and intuitive nature allowed us to feel no matter what his ATAR result was, she would be there to help us through it and more importantly, he would achieve his dream of doing paramedicine one way or another. We are looking forward to taking our daughter on her own journey with Annie when she starts year 11 in 2020.

Parent Year 12 Student, 2019

Thanks very much Annie!

As Hannah approached VCE, we knew as parents we needed to start at the basics to try and find a way forward without overwhelming her with ‘What do you want to do’!

Annie was highly experienced in this ‘first step’ approach for all kids that really don’t know what they what to do. She made Hannah very comfortable and helped explain each step and some meanings of things Hannah had not heard of before. By the end of the process, Hannah had clear direction with plenty of sound options. The result was Hannah got her ‘dream course’ and we are all so delighted with this outcome.

Parent Year 12 Student 2019

I got in!

I’m absolutely over the moon, I think this course is going to be really really good for me. Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance, I truely appreciate it so much.

Grace Year 12 Student, 2019

We literally couldn't have done it with out you

Annie was quick to respond to my initial enquiry, she understood quickly our objectives and was able to come up with the best recommendations working to a very short timeline as the deadline dates for course applications where closing. She even called the Uni to let them know our application would be following. As a result we had 2 course offers and Molly is now very happy with her course. Thanks Annie, awesome service, we literally couldn't have done it with out you.

Parent Tertiary, 2021

Reassurance and Clarity

My daughter and I were seeking support for her Year 11 subject selection. We had had trouble with decision-making but Annie was calm, interested and informative, providing useful support, directions, reassurance and clarity. Thank you, Annie, much appreciated!

Parent Yr 10 Student, 2022

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